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We are able to perform sound due diligence as well as business valuations on demand in collaboration with our sister company Carbon Accountancy

Due Diligence and Business Valuations

John Leyden, one of the founders, is ex-KPMG and has over 20 years' experience in both corporate finance and corporate strategy/advisory work and we also have a great deal of experience in working with VC clients as partners, helping them to mitigate risk and bringing a can-do, added value attitude that goes further than the basic requirements.

We understand the need for swift and efficient services, reporting to tight deadlines and complete security and confidentiality at all times. . 

Unlike many due diligence providers, we can tailor a solution to meet your specific requirements, even if the amount invested is relatively small - we have conducted due diligence reports for investors investing as little as £250,000 and as much as £50 million.

Give us a call for a no obligation meeting where we can outline our services and take you through our great value fixed-fee packages.

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In brief

  • ex-KPMG and 20 years' experience 
  • tailored to specific requirements
  • no-obligation meeting and fixed-fee packages

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